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The animation, voice acting, and even the writing are getting better every episode. The only problem I have with the series the amateur handling of you characters expression of emotion through dialogue. I feel like your making the characters state their emotional states more than having them emote through actions and body expressions. Also, the dialogue is often too much. There are times when you could state something, with integration and poignancy, with nearly half the words.

The show is getting better and I truly commend your delving deeper into characters other than Alpha. Keep up the good work my man and by the end of this you could have a great and respectable body of work.

Never played the game, but 5 stars for solid WKUK Sex Robot.

Good potential. Maybe put some more time and effort in the next one.

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Well you did it alright...

You know, I'm not mad because I didn't get to do any work or getting to actually help make a game. I'm just upset that I allowed myself to be pushed out of this little escapade. Now, I'm not blaming you Shizzle, your not a bad guy. But Spikrodd on the other hand. Who do you think you are? Your assigned to a team to be their "musician" and you end up taking over almost the entire project! What kind of asshole signs up for a team and then says, "Hey, I know you guys are the artist, but I feel that I can do your job better than you." And there isn't even any fucking music!! What the hell were you doing. The art could have took maybe one day. Less even. Yet you still didn't even do the job you were originally assigned to do? I can't understand what kind of self-centered ass could possibly do this without and inch of remorse?!? No thank you either! I know me and Renaenae didn't do much, (mainly cause you didn't let us) but we could have said something!!! I fucking PRAY that no one is ever unlucky enough to be paired with you again.

Also, on actual matters of the game. This game sucks. It's so boring. Also, so bland. The music sucks (wait there isn't any) and the concept is so stupid. Programming was pretty good, but the artwork was shit. Great job Shizzle, can't wait to see more work from you. Can't say I feel the same for you though Spikrodd.


Ok, the game is pretty fun in the fact that I am a wolf that shoots rediculous light beams from my mouth at flying monkeys. But it is insanely difficult for me. HOW DO I GET PASSED THE TREES!?!? At one point I was just playing to hear the wolf scream at me while I shoot my trees and crystals.

VicBiss responds:

press s to slide under them

It's Pandamonium

I can never get more than 8 presents without getting raped by a group of them. Love it, can't wait to see some more dude.

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Definitly the coolest thing I've seen from you. Beautiful.


Holly sheet. I thought this was a legit stone at first. The detail is nice. It gives the look that it was carved yet still a stone. The the painting is very nice too.
When did you get so awesome?!? jk can't wait to see the rest.

Kinsei responds:

I got good on October 8th at 3:46 in the morning. I remember that day well, I had two cookies, one was oatmeal raisin. it was a good day. :3

Pyramid Head FTW

Now my fears have been realized..... he's back!!!
Great proportions, fantastic shading, and even though I don't know if you did it on purpose or not but I like how the right side of the paper is lighter. It makes it seem like he's coming from the darkness. Just a brilliant piece.

silversunned responds:

well, it wasn't on purpose but awesome way to look at it that's for sure! :D :D

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